2022 Faith and Charity Catholic Appeal Breaks Record for Support from Contributors in Diocese of Wilmington

Bishop Koenig leads a prayer service last April at Immaculate Heart of Mary Church in Wilmington for the last of five “Circle of Honor” events hosted by the Diocese of Wilmington development department. Dialog photo/Joseph P. Owens

Courtesy of The Dialog – January 25, 202e – Catholics gave a record amount to the 2022 Faith and Charity Catholic Appeal, Walking By Faith, supporting important ministries across the Diocese of Wilmington.

For the 2022 campaign, the appeal raised $5.592 million from pledges. The goal was $5 million. Twelve thousand five hundred thirty-two pledges were received. Based upon collections, 47 parishes exceeded fundraising goals. $450,723.00 will be rebated to parishes for their needs — based on their over-goal collection. Parishes supporting a school receive 100 percent of the over-goal collection. Parishes that do not support a school receive 50 percent of the amount collected over their goal.

“Thanks to the generosity of our volunteers, pastors, and donors, thousands of people in need will find hope and healing through the faith and charity ministries of the Diocese of Wilmington,” said Bishop William Koenig.

The 2022 appeal theme, Walking By Faith, extended an invitation to the people of the diocese to bring the face of God to those we serve. Bishop Koenig’s invitation to participate was responded to with enthusiastic energy, prayer, and resources, said Sheila O’Hagan McGirl, director of development for the diocese. The campaign’s success reflects a solid commitment to the mission of the Catholic church in Delaware and the Eastern Shore of Maryland, she said.

“During these difficult economic times, our people found a way to generously contribute and keep the work of our Catholic church vibrant and responsive to the needs of others. Your generosity provided spiritual, physical, and emotional support to our brothers and sisters in need this year,” said Bishop Koenig. “I extend prayers of thanks to the people of the Diocese of Wilmington, whose inspiring response to the campaign resulted in incredible generosity and outstanding support.”

McGirl said the number of donors participating increased by more than 26% with 12,408 donors participating in 2022, up from 9,813 donors in 2021. She said overall dollars collected was more than a 12% increase over last year, creating the historical results.

During these challenging economic times, the faith and charity ministries have been called to serve record numbers. The Faith and Charity Catholic Appeal supports more than three dozen ministries in five concentrated areas: Catholic Education, Pastoral Services, Catholic Charities, Administration, and Communications. These ministries support building and strengthening the mission of our faith throughout Delaware and our Eastern Shore of Maryland.